Lobby Floor ,Hotel New Otani , Kioicho4-1 , Chiyoda-ku , Tokyo , 102-0094 , Japan
Hours 11;00 - 18;00

By Public Transport

(Ginza or Marunouchi Tokyo Metro Line)
3-minute walk from Akasaka-mitsuke Station [Exit D.Kioicho-guchi]
(Hanzomon Tokyo Metro Line )
3-minute walk from Nagatacho Station [Exit 7]
(Yurakucho Tokyo Metro Line )
6-minute walk from Koujimachi Station [Exit 2]
(Nanboku or Marunouchi Tokyo Metro Line )
8-minute walk from Yotsuya Station [Exit Koujimachi-guchi]
(JR Line )
3-minute walk from Yotsuya Station [Exit Koujimachi-guchi]

Parking Facilities

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Corporate Information

MIT Co., Ltd.
Name of Gallery
Akasaka Yu Gallery
April 1, 1987
Business Operations
Private , Feature and Permanent Exhibitions
Exhibition Area
Aksaka Yu Gallery
Art Gallerys of Department Stores and other gallerys
Japanese modern arts and crafts
Japanese, Korean and Chinese Antique
Pottery , Japanese Lacquer , Dyeing and Weaving , Woodworks , Bamboo Works
Paintings and Calligraphic works , sculpture(wood , stone and bronze)

About Akasaka Yu Gallery

Since its founding in 1989 , Akasaka Yu Gallery has hold unique feature and private exhibitions of Japanese contemporary arts and crafts.
游(Yu) originally means floating on the water , never being inflexible , and now it also means playing.
We want to introduce a breath of fresh air to the shore of the art world without being stereotypical or shackled by convention , but with a bit of playfulness .
So this gallery was named 游(Yu).

About Producer

  • Takanobu Hayashi

Hayashi earned a bachelor’s degree in economics from Aoyama Gakuin University.
He founded Akasaka Yu Gallery in 1987.
Prior to 1987, he worked at Seibu department store as an art buyer and Takanawa Art Co., Ltd.
as a General Manager of Arts and Crafts department.
He has produced many fine works of contemporary craft artists in Japan.
He has also produced , edited and written some books, and designed art columns of some lifestyle magazines .

Works of Akasaka Yu Gallery (Shogakukan-Square)
Renbokatsugou - written by Ken Ogata, produced by Takanobu Hayashi (Tokyo Shoseki)